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03-07-2007 21:33:24

Our goal at is not to make profit, rather make friends and help our users as much as we can. We offer quick and great support for a reason, Even if we are not at home we are on AIM with our phones trying to respond to all of our users, even at work!

To help out our users and to help them feel secure, encourages every user to come to us to verify every referral before you pay a referral who has achieved green. We will do cross checks on whoever our users want us to do cross-checks on and [b64079fbec2]though this is not a guarantee[/b64079fbec2], it should leave you feeling a little more secure with your referrals and paying them on time.

In addition, for those who pay their referrals and they end up being put on hold for fraud later on, our promise is this. [b64079fbec2]If we get paid for their green, we will reimburse the amount of money you gave that referral, or however much we possibly can.[/b64079fbec2] So if you paid a referral $30 for instant green, you cross-checked with us and everything was fine, and later on they went on hold for fraud, and their credits did not get fully revoked, we will reimburse you however much you gave that referral, or as much as we possible can. All we would need is some type of proof, Paypal transaction record, PM, etc.

As well as these steps by us, we will also do things such as [b64079fbec2]verify random users who order with a phone call.[/b64079fbec2] Please do not use any fake information. At we try to help every user out in anyway possible. We understand all situations, so you do not have to be scared to come to us with a problem, we will help you out. But please, do not see this as a way to scam us, we [b64079fbec2]WILL[/b64079fbec2] hold our ground if we find something is deeply wrong about your account. We are your friends, come to us even if you want to talk about the weather, sports, new gadgets (we're geeks ). It doesn't always have to be about our website!

I hope this encourages users and referrals to feel more safe at and remember, you can always reach us and we will do our best to get back to each and every one of you in the quickest time possible. Happy Reffing! RocketBills Staff.


05-07-2007 10:33:26