Happy 4th of July - PayPirate Promotion!

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02-07-2007 20:48:19

This promotion is will take place between July 2nd - July 31th!

[bc3224d74db]We will be giving free credits to any user that signs up with no referrer on any of the sites(excluding DIY).[/bc3224d74db]
- Just send in a Support Ticket stating what forum you are from and we will give you a free credit.
- If you sign up on multiple sites [bc3224d74db]you only need to send in one support ticket[/bc3224d74db] requesting free credits. I will give you a credit on each site.

You never have to complete another credit once you have done one and you can complete as many orders as you want with just that one credit!

Here are the sites we now have - You can view them at http//www.paypirate.net[]http//www.paypirate.net or below -

[bc3224d74db]PayPal[/bc3224d74db] http//paypal.paypirate.net[]http//paypal.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Dell [/bc3224d74db] - http//dell.paypirate.net[]http//dell.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Mac [/bc3224d74db] - http//mac.paypirate.net[]http//mac.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]iPods[/bc3224d74db] - http//ipod.paypirate.net[]http//ipod.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Xbox360[/bc3224d74db] - http//xbox360.paypirate.net[]http//xbox360.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]PS3 [/bc3224d74db] - http//ps3.paypirate.net[]http//ps3.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Cards [/bc3224d74db] - http//cards.paypirate.net[]http//cards.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Apparel [/bc3224d74db] - http//apparel.paypirate.net[]http//apparel.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Guns[/bc3224d74db] - http//guns.paypirate.net[]http//guns.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Points [/bc3224d74db] - http//points.paypirate.net[]http//points.paypirate.net

[bc3224d74db]Cash [/bc3224d74db] - http//cash.paypirate.net[]http//cash.paypirate.net

If you have an account on the original paypirate.net it is now under paypal.paypirate.net. Your old referral link will work, but we advise you start using the new one to lessen confusion.

You can sign up referred on any or all of our sites. Once you have an account with us, you can use that account(email and password) to create a new account on any of the sites. Simply select "Existing User" and then press "Next Step".

Thank You,
PayPirate Team!