- SpeedPromo ! 2 days only!

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02-07-2007 17:08:13

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Hey everyone, we have a SpeedPromo now for those who want a free green! (unreferred).

You can just sign up, send a support ticket and you will get you're free green (offer completion)!

This promotion is good on any of our sites.


[bd7a1cfe5d7]Start July 2th
End July 4th 2359 Est Time
Goal Sign up unreferred
Prize Get a free green![/bd7a1cfe5d7]

Remember we offer this on our site

[size=18d7a1cfe5d7]- Live support
- Fast shipping for you're gift (in 1 week)
- Paypal is an option (we sent paypal each month)
- You complete only one easy offer to go green. There is no 1/2, 1/3, ect..offers!
- Web sites is in French and English
- 17 websites, we have a lot of gifts for you!
- You get 30$ to 45$ per referral! (Depend the number of referrals you got)
All is in place to get the gift that you want, fast and with a great support!

Carl Fontaine - Givafree Admin


02-07-2007 20:00:21

great sites btw


02-07-2007 21:54:53

Is the green on just 1 site or on all them? for ex can we sign up on all unref and get a free green?


03-07-2007 04:56:46

Yes you can sign up on all and get a free green! D


03-07-2007 21:25:20

last day for free green and Happy 4th of July!


04-07-2007 12:40:44

last couple of hours!