TechX2 Prize Updates!

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02-07-2007 08:06:19

As you all know, TechX2 strives to be ontop of the latest and greatest tech. Therefore, we decided to add the Xbox 360 Elite and Apple iPhone to our site.

The Xbox 360 Elite is only 12 referrals.

The 4GB Apple iPhone is only 13 referrals.

The 8GB Apple iPhone is only 15 referrals.

For more details visit our site.


TechX2 Support


02-07-2007 10:24:32

Do you have any Iphones to ship out?


05-07-2007 11:12:26

Do we have any iPhones? No, however when they are ordered we will go to the apple store in Niagara, NY and buy it.