HUGE PROMO With Launch of 9 NEW Sites+++

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02-07-2007 01:38:30

After paying out thousands of dollars to our users from our http// site, we are finally ready to launch 9 new sites that have been in the making since the launch of our first site over 3 months ago. The new sites include...

http// (Point/Diy site)
http// (Cashback site)

With the launch of all these sites comes a huge promotion, which I will outline here...

[b4ddb73e2cd]Cashout Bonus - [u4ddb73e2cd]Only for referral sites[/u4ddb73e2cd] (2 options) [/b4ddb73e2cd]

[b4ddb73e2cd]A.[/b4ddb73e2cd] Sign up unreferred to any of our sites, complete your offer requirements and obtain the necessary referrals for the prize of your choice and you will receive an additional $50 Paypal bonus with your cashout.
Example Sign up unreferred to our site, select the $100 prize option for 3 referrals. Complete your offer and refer 3 people. You will receive $150!!!

[b4ddb73e2cd]B.[/b4ddb73e2cd] Sign up referred to any of our sites and complete all your prize requirements and you will receive a $10 dollar cashout bonus. (This can be used as an extra incentive to help you obtain referrals. Just tell your ref that they will get a $10 cashout bonus so instead of simply paying them say $20 for example, it's as if they are being paid $30.)

[b4ddb73e2cd]Cashback Referral Commission [/b4ddb73e2cd]

Our new site offers the highest paying offers among freebie sites (if another site pays more, let us know and we will top that price for all of our users) and only requires users to obtain $15 for cashout. Also to get things started we are offering 10% commission to users who obtain referrals. For example if you get 10 people to sign up for this site using your referral link and each completes $100 dollars worth of offers, you will receive $100 without having to even complete a single offer.

[b4ddb73e2cd]Point Site Bonus[/b4ddb73e2cd]

Our new offers even a greater value per offer. In order to get you started on your way to obtaining hundreds, we are going to give every user 5 free points, simply open up a support ticket with your account name requesting the points.

[b4ddb73e2cd]Free Credit Promo for Referral Sites [u4ddb73e2cd](Cannot be combined with any other promo)[/u4ddb73e2cd][/b4ddb73e2cd]

Sign up unreferred at any of our referral sites and just open up a support ticket requesting free credit and we will give it to you. This can also be applied as an extra referral if you complete the offer requirements yourself and sign up unreferred.

[b4ddb73e2cd]DATES[/b4ddb73e2cd] All users who plan to participate in this promotion must sign up in the month of July and cashout before the month of September, we plan to be lenient on these timeframes so simply open up a support ticket if you desire an extension. The 10% commission will remain at least until the month of September.


03-07-2007 22:46:02

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see from our sites, please let us know. Also if there is anything extra you would like to see from this promotion then leave us your thoughts here and we will see what we can do for you.


08-07-2007 22:33:37

UPDATE We have removed the requirements for our free credit promo so just sign up unreferred and open a support ticket at any of our referral sites and we'll give you your free credit.

Also any ideas for items to give away in a referral contests?


24-07-2007 01:19:38

[u3ab6ee6316][b3ab6ee6316]Promotion is still running![/b3ab6ee6316][/u3ab6ee6316]

Sign up on any or all of our sites and get your [u3ab6ee6316][b3ab6ee6316]FREE[/b3ab6ee6316][/u3ab6ee6316] credit!


Ben R