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01-07-2007 20:58:49

This post is to answer all the questions that have been going around on Most well-known sites give $40/ref with 1 credit to go green. We wanted to be different, since the old idea was too hard, we changed it into $60/ref. [bce7ae4f9d4]The script we use does not let us give 1.5 credits, so we had to double that amount to 3, which meant doubling all of our offers value points. Many of you think that 3 credits is TOO much to do on our site, when in all reality itís actually 1.5 credits[/bce7ae4f9d4], take a look at the offers and how they have gone up in value. [bce7ae4f9d4][uce7ae4f9d4]I encourage everyone to give your refs a link to this post.[/uce7ae4f9d4][/bce7ae4f9d4]

This site has changed from $120 ref TO $60 ref, which means all the credits doubled.
For Example
On the [bce7ae4f9d4]OLD[/bce7ae4f9d4] $120/ref site credits were 1/3, Ĺ, 1, 2, etc.

Now on the [bce7ae4f9d4]NEW and UPDATED [/bce7ae4f9d4]$60/ref sites
The same [bce7ae4f9d4]1/3 credit offer from the $120/ref site[/bce7ae4f9d4] is now [bce7ae4f9d4]2/3 credit offer on the $60/ref site[/bce7ae4f9d4]
The [bce7ae4f9d4]same Ĺ credit offer from the $120/ref site[/bce7ae4f9d4] is [bce7ae4f9d4]now 1 credit offer on the $60/ref site[/bce7ae4f9d4]
The same 1 credit offer from the $120/ref site is now a 2 credit offer on the $60/ref site

So in all reality, [bce7ae4f9d4]you guys arenít really doing 3 credits, just 1.5 credits[/bce7ae4f9d4], but [bce7ae4f9d4]since my script would not let me do that, we have made it 3 credits and the offers have increased in value.[/bce7ae4f9d4]

Another point I would like to clear up is that [bce7ae4f9d4]some of you think that the offers that are worth 2/3 of a credit actually mean 2 out of 3 credits[/bce7ae4f9d4] needed to get green. [bce7ae4f9d4][uce7ae4f9d4]This is not right.[/uce7ae4f9d4][/bce7ae4f9d4] The offers that [bce7ae4f9d4]are worth 2/3 of 1 credit![/bce7ae4f9d4] Please note that.

We continue to offer great and quick support to all our users, even if we have to call our users up to explain something to them, we will. [bce7ae4f9d4] If there are any other concerns you guys would like to have addressed, please feel free to contact us via support ticket or via AIM (RocketBills Help). I will continue to update this thread as questions arise, look out for them![/bce7ae4f9d4]

All the promos are still good, f[bce7ae4f9d4]ree green for unreffed and extra $5/ref on your orders after approval.[/bce7ae4f9d4] So hurry in guys and enjoy our experience!
Rocketbills Staff.


02-07-2007 23:35:29

Friendly Bump =), free green promo still alive, and I'm using all the money I have saved to payout everyone as quick as i can, my goal is under a week, but max 2 weeks! Plus, $5 extra for every ref! Hurry before my money runs out! =)