$50,000+ Shipped Promotion!

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01-07-2007 13:14:16

MacroBucks is proud to announce that we have shipped $50,000+ in gifts! We figure it's time for a promotion to thank our users for making this possible, so free greens for everyone!

Open up a support ticket at either 40.macrobucks.com or 80.macrobucks.com with the subject "FIPG Free Green" and you will receive a free green on your account to get you started! Not only that, but you will get a free green on every order you place from here on out!

This promotion ends July 5th, 2007 at midnight central time so hurry up! wink


01-07-2007 13:59:45

Can you get a free green on both or just one of the sites?


01-07-2007 15:49:15

Yes, you can! -)


01-07-2007 16:01:46

do those free greens apply to new users or just existing accounts?


01-07-2007 16:12:11

It applies to both existing and new users as long as you sign up [b504fa6e53c]unreferred[/b504fa6e53c]. lol


01-07-2007 16:31:24

Got my answer in greens...Thank You very Much!