The Race for a $250 Bonus!

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01-07-2007 09:52:38

[be60503ff18]PROMO[/be60503ff18] The Race for a $250 Bonus Promo
[be60503ff18]PROMO STATUS[/be60503ff18] Active
[be60503ff18]RUN TIME[/be60503ff18] July 1, 2007 - Until first order of prize worth $1,000+
[be60503ff18]SITE(S)[/be60503ff18] HDTV, CASH, CASHPOINTS
[be60503ff18]NOTES (1)[/be60503ff18] To be fair to everyone only referral and points after July 1, 2007 will count towards this promo [be60503ff18](2)[/be60503ff18] If you are joining into this promo you must contact us via support ticket.[be60503ff18] (3)[/be60503ff18] The Leaderboard will show who is in the lead which will be updated atleast daily

li Signup (If you have not already)
li Send us a support ticket asking to be in the promo
li Get enough referrals or points worth a prize of $1,000+
li Order your reward and receive your bonus $250 with your order.


03-07-2007 20:48:24