Already another promo launched by**PAYOUT**

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28-06-2007 11:44:28

Ok guys, we just launched a few days ago, and we just had the free green promo yesterday! But now, WERE LAUNCHING YET ANOTHER PROMO!

Heres the deal For everyone who gets their orders in by the end of this month, they will get an extra $7 dollars for EACH referral!

Why $7? Well...because 7 is my favorite number 8)

So hurry up and get your orders in by the end of the month guys! This promo won't last long!

And of course...WE ARE STILL HANDING OUT FREE FULL GREENS ($120 Value!)! Just sign up UNREFFERD and open up a support ticket entitled "FPIG Free Geen" ASAP!

If there are any questions about crediting or our promos, please look here http// or feel free to contact us!

Happy Reffing!!


28-06-2007 19:50:53

Promo is still good, Keep the free greens coming guys!

EDIT Sorry I didn't know about that rule, won't happen again thanks for the help.


28-06-2007 19:54:34

I think there is a rule about bumping your posts every 24 hours.


29-06-2007 11:02:14

Hey guys...Good news...I know payouts are a problem since they take long...So the first orders we get, we will pay them out of my own pocket in about 2 weeks after approval. Normally it would take a month, but we want to please our users in the best way we can. So Get your orders in before the end of this month and you will get paid in 15 days after approval. The promo of extra $7/ref still applies! Happy Reffing!