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26-06-2007 21:45:24

http//[" alt=""/imgbc0b837b45][/colorbc0b837b45]

[color=redbc0b837b45]Paydays are every Wed. So get your orders in by 1159 P.M. on Tuesday to get payed!![/colorbc0b837b45]

HUGE June and July Promotion.

Up to $30 in free money

15 For paypal
10 For being the top points
5 For posting screenshot.

Paypal $50____$5 Free
PayPa l$100___$5 Free
Paypal $150___$10 Free
PayPa l$200___$10 Free
Paypal $250___$15 Free
PayPa l$300___$15 Free

[color=redbc0b837b45]The Top 5 members who have the most points will get 10 DOLLARS added to your PayPal, Visa GiftCard, or Western Union Money Order.This will happen every Wednesday for the top 5.Good jobs guys and keep up the good work!!! [/colorbc0b837b45]

Get $5 via Paypal after posting PayPal screen shot.

How to get $5 via Paypal

Post a screenshot of your Paypal payment in this thread.

Must include your User ID number in your post. Copy and paste you referral link above the picture.

I will review the post and send the $5 via Paypal everynight.

How to post a screenshot

Press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard. Top of keyboard.
Open Paint and paste the picture in paint shop and save.
Use a host like or Upload
Go back to forums and post the IMG file


[size=18bc0b837b45]TONS OF NEW OFFER[/sizebc0b837b45]. [/ubc0b837b45]Some are no Credit Cards and alot of them are free!!


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3. Submit a support ticket through your account


26-06-2007 22:16:38

[quote53c4a48ac1="Www.CrazyKash.Com"]http//[" alt=""/img53c4a48ac1][/color53c4a48ac1]

[color=red53c4a48ac1]Paydays are every Wed. So get your orders in by 1159 P.M. on Tuesday to get [b53c4a48ac1]pain![/b53c4a48ac1]![/color53c4a48ac1]

Yay, everyone gets PAIN every Wednesday!

I'm interested in getting pain... i mean PAID. lol

I do like the bonuses, i think i'll try it out.

No pain no gain wink


08-07-2007 21:33:24

http//[" alt=""/img0a19813334]

[u0a19813334][b][size=180a19813334]Come on guys only two days left to get you orders in. We are still having our huge June and July promotion. Recive up to $30 for free. Come check us out at[/size0a19813334][b][/u0a19813334] [/color0a19813334]