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24-06-2007 15:09:40


We are pleased to announce that with effect from 25th June '07 0001 AM UTC until 30th June '07 0430 PM UTC, we'll be offering [bd19c69c5ed]INSTANT PAYMENTS[/bd19c69c5ed] .

To qualify for this, a user must [listd19c69c5ed][lid19c69c5ed]Have over 5 Positive Trader Record at any of the following forums
[lid19c69c5ed]Submit a support ticket [bd19c69c5ed]before[/bd19c69c5ed] requesting Account Verification, mentioning your Username at the forums.
[/listud19c69c5ed]Once you request account verification, you will not have to manually place an order. The gift will be shipped.

Reminder We are [bd19c69c5ed]STILL[/bd19c69c5ed] accepting Missing Credit Reports for many offers. Accounts approved and Gifts shipped within 1 Business Day, [bd19c69c5ed]Highest Referral Rates (Upto $55/Referral, with easy offers!) and now, get paid INSTANTLY.[/bd19c69c5ed]

So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now!!!