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15-06-2007 19:56:21

First, we would like to let everyone know the promotion for the free credit has ended, and our two winners each receiving $100 for simply signing up are bcmathewp and Russsg69! Congratulations!

We would also like to let everyone know that our users need to fulfill their offer requirements only one time for each site! This means that if you have fulfilled your requirements and received a gift and wish to order another one, all you need to do is submit a support ticket and your offer requirements will be credited again!

Furthermore, every month, we will be having rewards for users who obtain the most referrals. As we grow, you can definitely expect these prizes to grow as well.

For the month of Jun, the rewards will be as follows

[b79e4d691b3]1st prize $150 PayPal

2nd prize $75 PayPal

3rd prize $25 PayPal[/b79e4d691b3]

1 referral on the Cash website will count as 1 referral for this contest, while 1 referral on the Gifts website will count as 2 referrals for this contest.
And as an added bonus, the 1st prize winner will receive $45 instead of $40 for every referral on the Cash website and $90 instead of $80 for ever referral on the Gifts website![/b79e4d691b3]

Lastly, when you receive our gifts, you have a chance to win even more money by participating in our proof pictures promotion! Simply e-mail us at with your proof picture and post on these 3 forums

FreeIpodGuide Forums
Anything4Free Forums
FreeLunchRoom Forums or WAHM Forums

For every 12 users to complete this, there will be a random drawing and 1 lucky user will win [b79e4d691b3]$100![/b79e4d691b3] Another 2 users will win $50! [b79e4d691b3]For 10 minutes worth of work, you have a 25% chance of winning a prize![/b79e4d691b3] Get the full details here


As MoneyBonanza grows, you can expect these prizes to grow as well!

Now get your referrals and win big! Thanks!


19-06-2007 23:42:32

We've just added over 40 brand new offers! Check them out by clicking here![=http//]here!