Money Bonanzas New Security Measures and Policies

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15-06-2007 19:48:06


Due to the excessive increase in fraud, Money Bonanzas as well as other freebie networks must implement new security measures effective immediately.

1. Manual credits can no longer be accepted, for the majority of those received by our affiliates are fraudulent. As a result, you should follow all of our tips to ensure you have the best chance of receiving credit. You can see our tips at our FAQ on the homepage


2. The payout dates will have to change to the 30th of every month until the fraud begins to stop.

3. Members who request payment other than through check must provide a copy of their driver license to before receiving payment. For PayPal payments, you must be PayPal verified. If you cannot send us identification through e-mail, you may mail it to us. Until you provide proof of identity, you will not receive your gift.

4. As of now, physical gifts will not require ID verification, but we reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

5. As always, if we find out you have provided any false information, either through any of our affiliates, other freebie networks, or phone verification, you will be put on hold indefinitely.

We hope all of our users can understand these policy changes and that they serve to keep the freebie industry alive! Thanks!


18-06-2007 05:11:04

Where on Money Bonanzas does it give you the option to be paid via check?


18-06-2007 10:14:30


When you submit your order, you can submit a support ticket requesting a check instead of PayPal and we will not that when we process your order.



19-06-2007 00:37:17

Great Sites....Very Satisfied!