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K2F Owner

15-06-2007 05:34:53

Here are some new policies effective immediately

Effective immediately Key2Free will no longer be accepting manual credit reports. The majority of these ended up being fraudulent, and advertisers were getting very upset that we were trying to get credit for people that never even signed up for offers, or those that frauded an offer.

Unfortunately we are also going to have to change over to a NET30 payment schedule until the fraud stops as well.

Forms of identification is needed for a paypal payment (drivers license) or any other forms of identification . otherwise you can only get a physical product

Please actually try our sponsor offers, anyone found to be doing offers then just canceling them will be placed on hold. We will not tolerate scammers, and either will any other site.

We now will be starting confirmation calls. This means we might call you when you open an account, we might call you when you have 2 referrals, we might call you because you ordered to confirm your information you entered are correct and that you are not putting false info into our system.

THere are more rules and regulations to come so be on the look out for them