Ultimate Freebies Launches Phones Site! Free Greens!

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13-06-2007 05:57:53

We here at Ultimate Freebies are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovative site Phones[=http//phones.ultimatefreebies.org]Phones!

Our new site is packed with the hottest phones on the market, including the Apple iPhone, which is slated for release at the end of this month!

To accomodate the launch of our newest addition, we are proud to announce a "double-promo" What is the double promo you ask? [be310a652a6]Free greens[/colore310a652a6] until June 20th and the chance to win a new Motorola KRZR (silver or cosmic blue), or the take the cash equivalent of $250![/be310a652a6]

I know most of you understand the free green part, but for those who don't know how it works, just sign up [be310a652a6]unreferred[/be310a652a6] and submit a support ticket with the subject "Free Green". We will credit your account with a free green, which will fulfill your requirements so you can start referring people to earn your prize! Your going to want to refer people to get your prize fast. Why? Well, that's the other part of the promotion.

[be310a652a6]All users who submit an order on our new Phones site by the 5th of July will have a chance to win the Motorola KRZR (silver or cosmic blue), or the take the $250 cash equivalent![/be310a652a6]

That's right! All users who submit an order on our new Phones site will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win that slick phone or take the cash!

http//i30.photobucket.com/albums/c339/trippmarxx/MotorolaKRZRSilver.jpg[" alt=""/imge310a652a6]
[be310a652a6][color=bluee310a652a6]Here's the phone you could win![/be310a652a6][/colore310a652a6]

Here are some general guidelines

- Any verified order qualifies, except for custom orders, the minimum order is 2 referrals.
- User ID's of all valid orders submitted by the 5th of July will be placed into a hat, and a winner will be drawn. It will be recorded
and placed onto a video share site, such as YouTube.
- Winner will be announced July 15th. Winner will be able to select what they choose to receive. Should they take the cash option, the $250
will be applied to their cashout.
- If the winner goes over $600 earned with our network, they will need to submit a W9 to claim their prize.
- Any user who is found to have frauded will be disqualified from all network sites and the promotion.
- This promotion will also be posted on our main portal page, FreeLunchRoom, and A4F.
- All entrants will be posted once orders are talliedd up. Users will be listed by their ref #.

This sums up the entire promotion! If you have any questions, feel free to post here, submit a support ticket, contact us via AIM at FreebiesUltimate, or send us an e-mail at email==support@ultimatefreebies.orgsupport@ultimatefreebies.org=support@ultimatefreebies.orgsupport@ultimatefreebies.org/email.

Good luck to all!


13-06-2007 06:06:02

Could you post the link please )


13-06-2007 07:50:43



13-06-2007 07:54:00

ah! ty


14-06-2007 06:15:54

Plenty more greens to give away )


17-06-2007 10:17:47

[b960ace55c3]The Free GREEN[/color960ace55c3] promotion has been extended all the way until June 30th! Get in on this chance to obtain a free credit, which will fulfill your offer requirements![/b960ace55c3]


24-06-2007 07:14:20

You guys still got a week left! Don't forget to submit an order on the phones site to be entered to win the phone!