New site with free greens

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12-06-2007 17:07:26

Just wanted to share with ya'll a site thats giving out free greens. I dont know if they are still doing it, but check it out![]

I found them on the other forum site. FLR. (sorry, i had to browse for greens, hard to come by now a days!)


12-06-2007 20:58:17

nice find brothaa!


13-06-2007 02:16:21

Good find I suppose, although I'm not going to do it since I haven't heard anything from them, and their site looks like crap to be honest =/

The even stole OGF "custom order" image roll


13-06-2007 18:24:56

Looks like a typical site to me like zeropricetags and such. But a flashy site really doesnt have that much appeal to me. Im in it for the greens.