New Pleasing Change in MacroBucks

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12-06-2007 14:01:05

[b10845318f0]We realize our users can't keep sacrificing credits to place orders over and over again.
And Our Fix ... [/color10845318f0]

So, here's the deal
After you complete your offers for the first time, you will NEVER have to do an offer again.

Submit a support ticket after an order and you will receive a free credit that will be counted towards your next order. You can continue this cycle for as long as you want! [/color10845318f0]

[i10845318f0][b10845318f0]^_^ We will continue to strive to be the best in the freebie scene! [/b10845318f0][/i10845318f0]


18-06-2007 10:31:15

Thanks I couldn't do anymore offers but love the site.

18-06-2007 18:54:43

but im still waiting to be approved...