Promotions for June 2007! Exciting! Free Cash!

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12-06-2007 13:55:29

[b3d04025be3]We have a few promotions this month for our users because of a very successful month for MacroBucks in May! We'd love to share our happiness with our users! [/b3d04025be3]

1. I'm finding great success in the 80to90 promotion, so, i've decided to extend it again YET ANOTHER MONTH! So, again, that's an EXTRA $10 per referral! To participate in the promo, just submit a support ticket, thanks! Submit by July 10th, 2007 to participate in this promotion.[/color3d04025be3]

2. The Referrals Contest is being re-instated with even greater cash prizes!

1st Place - $150 on top of your order
2nd Place - $100 on top of your order
3rd Place - $90 on top of your order
4th Place - $80 on top of your order
5th Place - $70 on top of your order
6th Place - $60 on top of your order
7th Place - $50 on top of your order

That's a total of $600 we are giving away!
1. Referrals must be obtained and completed (as in full green) during this month, June
2. To be fair, a completed referral on the 80 site counts as 2 referrals.
2. Have fun of course!
Contest ends July 10th, 2007.

3. Receive free $5 on our new site for signing up, just create a support ticket for the $5 and you will be credited shortly! Don't forget, you earn 20% of your referrals commissions also! This promotion will also end July 10th, 2007.

More to come later this month, so, be on the look out! I'll reveal them slowly[/color3d04025be3] !