Unlimited Orders - No More Offer Completions!!

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08-06-2007 13:17:25


We are pleased to announce that we now allow users to place [b9bcb6eaf2a]UNLIMITED[/b9bcb6eaf2a] orders [b9bcb6eaf2a]WITHOUT[/b9bcb6eaf2a] having to do extra offers or get extra referrals (instead of doing an offer).

[b9bcb6eaf2a]To participate in this promotion, a user must [/b9bcb6eaf2a]

1. Submit a screenshot of the gift / Payment at our sites (My Account -> Gallery).

2. Post at at least one of the following forums

[li9bcb6eaf2a]Mommys Jobs[/listu9bcb6eaf2a]

3. Submit a support ticket requesting Account Reset.

4. Continue getting referrals and Cashout!

On behalf of WhyPayItsFree Team, I would like to Thank You for choosing WhyPayItsFree. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.


11-06-2007 14:15:57