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07-06-2007 18:48:25

Well first we now have a portal site


I just made it using CSS nothing fancy, i will add more to it this weekend. Check it out for all of our sites, payout schedule, exclusive promo's and useful links.

Secondly, i just added 70 EMAIL/ZIP SUBMISSION offers on our "On Your Own" site. So now it is possible to get $80 for just submitting your zip code or email.

Thirdly, I added tons of offers on our cash site, and our $100/ref site. Its now possible for a user to go green for free on both of those sites!

Fourth and probably most important, on our 1 credit = green $40/ref site.. i will be adding over 100 OFFERS TO IT by tomorrow night.

http// <--- if you would like a free green (expires tomorrow night)

This is the site which i will be spending most of my time on improving.

Any questions.. open a support ticket!
I respond within hours (usually minutes ;))



07-06-2007 19:20:46



07-06-2007 21:09:44

Wow! That's awesome!

I would also suggest that you upgrade the script so that when you click on an offer, it opens a new window, so one doesn't have to click back all the way or re-login each time. wink


08-06-2007 13:37:44

added over 100 offers.

will fix that tonight ;)