1,400 Offers & Plenty of Non-CC Offers!, Next pay out in

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FPZ Robin

05-06-2007 12:27:39

[ba467c28767]1,400 Offers & new offers added daily! VERY High rates! Plenty of surveys & Non credit card offers! [/colora467c28767][/ba467c28767][/sizea467c28767]

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06-06-2007 01:37:15

That's a ton of offers, and it looks nice to! Wish you the best of luck D


16-06-2007 18:08:50

Is there a way to seperate the non cc offers?


16-06-2007 22:35:42

How long is approval and when do you send out payments?

FPZ Robin

20-06-2007 11:58:00

[quote5503a78122="benthelefty"]Is there a way to seperate the non cc offers?[/quote5503a78122]

FreeprizeGalaxy is currently working to seperate our Non CC offers. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime you can search for credits least to greatest and see alot of surveys and non cc offers! D

Have a good day!

FPZ Robin

20-06-2007 12:01:04

[quote2b7ce1f9cc="theman2005"]How long is approval and when do you send out payments?[/quote2b7ce1f9cc]

We currently pay out twice monthly. Our next payout date is June 27th 2007. Order by June 26th. Our approvals are quick unless we have a problem with one of your offers or your info. Then we may need a few more days to verify. Thanks and Have a great day! roll


30-06-2007 09:27:57

I'll sign up under the first person to PM me their link!