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04-06-2007 15:43:49

Due to recent allegations on the site I am toning down the contest since nobody has yet entered, If you have been activley doing the site let me know and i'll add a additional 10 on top of your referral. This new contest should put some faith in people and prove I payout. Alright well on to the revised contest, its pretty simple. First 3 cashouts from now to June 30th will get a bonus (minimum 5 referrals)
1st place $200
2nd place $150
3rd place $100
Also the person with the MOST referrals to cashout by the 30th gets a 60GB PS3!!!

If you want to enter post here saying entered!!!!!

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04-06-2007 16:59:33

I'm in

OSF Support

05-06-2007 09:54:29

Jump on in folks 8)

OSF Support

09-06-2007 14:55:52


OSF Support

12-06-2007 00:29:14

Contest still going on, come on guys get that money

OSF Support

14-06-2007 09:49:46

Bump D


14-06-2007 15:18:42

With how many refs is the person in the lead with?