The Freebie Life Launches new Site! $100/ref

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03-06-2007 15:30:07

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Well I decided to launch another site, so $100/ref is what it is.

Same old stuff, nothing to new.

Right now we have 77 offers but I'll be adding more daily. Some examples of gifts are the VX9900 (my phone, the coolest phone ever), XBOX Elite, Paypal and much more!

Please submit MCR's through the MCR form, NOT through support tickets or emails.

Every user who signs up under this link


will get a free full credit completion instantly (within seconds). This is only until this Tuesday, then you will have to beat this game


In order to get one. (Email me proof)

If you have any compliments or praises.. post them! Any questions, concerns, or complaints, please open a support ticket as its easier to access your account.

I'm now turning my attention to the $30/ref site, as you may see some new changes coming shortly.

Hope to see you all cashing out soon!
TFL Admin


04-06-2007 14:00:54

I've added a massive amount of new offers. Tons of 2/5ths and 3/5ths free trials. It is also now possible for a user to go green on this site FOR FREE. Or if they don't want a credit card, $1.49 is all it takes. I'm not saying which offers though, thats for them to find out.

1 day left for the promo!


04-06-2007 16:44:47

thanks for the green


05-06-2007 14:27:07

last day for the free green


05-06-2007 14:40:53

Im in Europe till tuesday and I cant sign up but I want to...can I get a raincheck?


05-06-2007 14:53:42

only if you promise to get refs ;)

haha yes, you can get a raincheck


05-06-2007 14:58:49

[quote70fd16bcd9="turbohim"]only if you promise to get refs ;)

haha yes, you can get a raincheck[/quote70fd16bcd9]

I cant promise....but when I get the funds..i will.