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02-06-2007 06:05:28

Obviously i can change it to anything but wanted to know what you guys thought

The way it would work with your current referrals is you get paid $30 for them, but everyone who would sign up after the change, get paid the change amount.

It is still our highest performing site for this month, but I'm just curious!

TFL Admin


02-06-2007 07:06:36

Change to $40/ref and still require one offer completion 8)


02-06-2007 07:13:20

well we arent trainn but i may consider


02-06-2007 09:54:32



02-06-2007 12:50:13

I think the $40/ref - 1 offer would be nice, too, personally. Or it could be like $50/ref, with 2 offers. That might also work.


02-06-2007 13:26:08

rom what i see, it seems fine, BUT if you manage to pull a 1 offer per credit site PLUS more than what any other sites are offering, then you'd get a lot more customers.

Like said before, if you can get TO or close to $40 a ref for just 1 offer, i'd jump on this site in a heartbeat.

Good Luck


02-06-2007 14:56:56

yeah, but the $40/ref with one offer would have a limited amount of offers available to do. would every be okay for that? i am considering that swicth


02-06-2007 15:32:51

How many offers would be there if you switched?


02-06-2007 15:39:56

no more then 30 i would say.


02-06-2007 15:56:21

30 full credit offers isn't that bad ...