Givafree June Promotion - Withdraw and Win!

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01-06-2007 10:42:49

Withdraw and Win![/color50bcf64074][/size50bcf64074]

Hi everyone, there is a brand new promotion for June ! What you have to do is register on, earn credit (by completing offers) or referral, and withdraw. At the end of the month, the top 3 persons with the most dollar withdraw, will win 100$US!.

[b50bcf64074]Today only, you can get a free green on to start the site![/b50bcf64074]

For this month on, you can only get money by paypal. We pay 40$ per referral up to 50$ per referral. You only need to complete 1 easy offer to be "Green". But you have the choice with 1/2 pffers, 1/3 offers, 1/4 offers, and no cc offers!

Question by our users[/color50bcf64074] If I understand, I can make a lot of money doing this site and win 100$US in extra?

Answer[/color50bcf64074] Yes! Three person will win 100$ US.

You can complete the site by yourself, or with referrals, or both. This is like you want to do it!

There is the list of gift (paypal withdraw) you can get on our site this month

120$ US 3 referrals
160$ US 4 referrals
200$ US 5 referrals
240$ US 6 referrals
280$ US 7 referrals
320$ US 8 referrals
360$ US 9 referrals
400$ US 10 referrals
440$ US 11 referrals
480$ US 12 referrals
520$US 13 referrals
560$ US 14 referrals
600$ US 15 referrals
640$ US 16 referrals
680$ US 17 referrals
720$ US 18 referrals
760$ US 19 referrals
800$ US 20 referrals
[b50bcf64074]1000$ US 24 referrals
1200$ US 27 referrals
1400$ US 30 referrals
1500$ US 32 referrals
2000$ US 40 referrals[/b50bcf64074]

This promotion will end on June 30th 2007 and we will annonce the winner on July 1th.

Don't hesitate to post your questions here.

Carl - Givafree Admin

P.S. If you have already an account, just log in.


02-06-2007 13:40:50