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01-06-2007 09:48:17

[b7e71d5d0f4]PROMO[/b7e71d5d0f4] JUNE IN THE POT RAFFLE
[b7e71d5d0f4]PROMO STATUS[/b7e71d5d0f4] Active
[b7e71d5d0f4]RUN TIME[/b7e71d5d0f4] June 1, 2007 - June 30, 2007

For every 10 points you receive you are able to order a raffle ticket which brings you closer to receiving the prize. Many of the offers are FREE and require no credit card!

[b7e71d5d0f4]PRIZE[/b7e71d5d0f4] Winners will receive the amount of the pot list below.
[b7e71d5d0f4]1st prize winner -[/b7e71d5d0f4] 60% of pot value + Free Green (On any of our other sites of winners choice)
[b7e71d5d0f4]2nd prize winner - [/b7e71d5d0f4]30% of pot value
[b7e71d5d0f4]3rd prize winner - [/b7e71d5d0f4]10% of pot value

Each point equals $1 each. The points in the pot can be viewed by clicking the PROMO tab. Points will only be added after someone orders a raffle ticket. There is no limit on how many tickets anyone can order. Point values will be updated nightly.

Winners will be announced on July 1, 2007
Winners will be paid on July 15, 2007

04-06-2007 12:18:45

We have put $20 in the pot. Nobody has signed up which means if just 1 person is to sign up they will be the automatic winner and win $30 for possibly doing a offer which cost you nothing.