Paid Out Again!!

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FPZ Robin

01-06-2007 09:21:25

D [b228218d076]We just had our second payout... We have paid out 3,000 in cash already![/b228218d076]
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16-06-2007 03:11:39

Why payments wasn't shipped yesterday??


17-06-2007 07:02:55

[quote6117dd29bf="kasper23"]Why payments wasn't shipped yesterday??[/quote6117dd29bf]

I haven't got paid yet (

FPZ Robin

20-06-2007 12:05:10

[quotee898b609a9="waiting4you"][quotee898b609a9="kasper23"]Why payments wasn't shipped yesterday??[/quotee898b609a9]

I haven't got paid yet ([/quotee898b609a9]

What email did you sign up with? We sent out verify instructions to several accounts who were flagged for various reasons. We paid out on June 15th & 16th to everyone had no offers in review or no offers revoked. Please feel free to email me with your info and we can check it out. ) Thank you!


02-07-2007 11:07:01

i have not get payment yet! this guys maybe scammer

FPZ Robin

02-07-2007 12:00:15

[quote59cf42dfff="flyangelboys"]i have not get payment yet! this guys maybe scammer[/quote59cf42dfff] What is your email address used on FreePrizeGalaxy? We paid everyone except for people who have offers revoked or on hold. Do not come on here saying maybe we're scammers. We have paid out over $7,000 already!! If you used a legit email then you would have received our emails. Makes me wonder.....Thank you, FreePrizeGalaxy!