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01-06-2007 04:07:16

I know there are a lot of you either looking for cash or referrals, so this site should definitely be for you. Its called Referral Swapper. Basically, you select from their list of sites which ones you can offer, and which ones you need referrals for. You can also put in how much you are paying people for greens if you don't want to trade.

Its pretty simple, once you put in all the sites that you are able to do, select which site you need referrals for and hit 'find'. The more popular sites come back with hundreds of results and you can sort by people's feedback, who's online, etc.

If you are just looking to make some money, you can also search by the highest paying referrals, there are over 800 cash offers, with the highest ones being $71 per green.

Now, onto the catch. You must complete 1 offer. However the site has hundreds of offers, most being free to $2.

When you refer people and they sign up and complete an offer you get 75 points which can either be used for advertisement space (1 point = 1 day advertisement time) or points toward their "RS Freebies" system (game systems, gift cards, apple tv, etc)

I've gotten over 9 greens (and have another 2 pending) and $150 cash thanks to this site. It is definitely worth the $0-$2 to complete 1 offer for full access. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask.



01-06-2007 06:15:25

shock ?


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1) No referral links
2) This site is better