Outtasitefreebiez Launches!!!!! Great Grand Opening Contest

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=63138

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26-05-2007 23:03:05

Contest is revised!!! Its AMAZING check it out http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=63418

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26-05-2007 23:08:28

Just thought id revise and say we have 31 prizes


26-05-2007 23:21:43

That link isn't right.


26-05-2007 23:31:09

Lol. It really is ... http//www.outtasitefreebiez.com/

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27-05-2007 07:20:25

hahah sorry it was late last night, the link has been changed and theres also a change to the promo ;-)


27-05-2007 07:43:54

I signed up )

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27-05-2007 19:40:32

get those greens guys we have 15 taken


27-05-2007 23:14:50

I signed up - thanks!


27-05-2007 23:24:36

Signed up


27-05-2007 23:52:27

I think it is funny how high the ref numbers in the links are ... I looked at my personal link, and we surprised )

Oh, and thanks for the free green ;)


28-05-2007 07:29:26

signed up

OSF Support

28-05-2007 07:45:19

Thanks guys enjoy


28-05-2007 09:25:30

^ You might wanna make your signature a bit smaller...it's rather large.

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28-05-2007 13:40:58

Oh gosh sorry didnt realize it was that large thanks, anyone have any opinons about the site....THE DESIGN WILL BE UPDATED SOON! I purchased a not so hot script and will be updating with FSR

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29-05-2007 18:23:08

Alright the terms are updated and the site has some new updates also, we have 40 sign ups so get them while there hot and start winning that contest

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30-05-2007 15:40:53

new contest see the new post its amazing http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=63418


30-05-2007 19:18:24

licoughli frauder licoughli


30-05-2007 19:34:00

licoughli is going to be banned on a4f licoughli

OSF Support

30-05-2007 21:09:19

hmmm I was not banned on a4f and turbo has been warned on flr rfor thread crapping around the forums....post some proof to back up accusations everyone thats signed up has got a free green as agreed


30-05-2007 21:11:44

lol i love the site and good luck on your career as a you know what i mean!

OSF Support

30-05-2007 22:56:49

Thanks so much I appreciate it


31-05-2007 04:01:48