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24-05-2007 23:26:04

Hello everyone D Very soon I will be launching my new site! Theres alot of sites out there but not many listen to their users! What do [u7a309e6b01][b7a309e6b01]YOU[/b7a309e6b01][/u7a309e6b01] want to see as a prize??? Anything unique....anything out of the ordinary, let me know its YOUR choice. Also we will be having a free credit promotion. The site will have over 120 offers so trust me there will be variety. Don't want a free credit, how about a free green??? The site will offer 45 per referral for those who just want that cold hard cash paypals always avalible, don't have paypal, send in a ticket and get a money order!!! And as always theres a custom order option so you just let me know what you need and well work out the referrals! Let your voice be heard post your ideas here or PM me!!!


25-05-2007 11:37:39

How about sporting event tix...


25-05-2007 11:39:00

collectibles - signed comics, autographs, limited edition statues, movie replicas or props )


25-05-2007 11:42:23

Yeah, a site with stuff like autographs and movie stuff would be cool, I'd get 25363163613 refs for a basketball signed by Micheal Jordan D


25-05-2007 11:50:09

Do I get a free offer credit for a good idea? )


25-05-2007 21:59:29

I'm digging the design.


26-05-2007 01:23:42

Traveling Packages (resorts, hotels, vacation packages). I have yet to see that anywhere...


26-05-2007 09:59:27

[quote34e66d12b9="phenom212"]Traveling Packages (resorts, hotels, vacation packages). I have yet to see that anywhere...[/quote34e66d12b9]

I agree with Phenom...maybe plane tickets. Im always travelling so anything of that nature.


27-05-2007 09:03:43

Or maybe fitness equipment....