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24-05-2007 12:49:34

I am proud to announce that I have finally opened my very own incentive network! I've been in this industry for a few years now... just signing up for these sites and making a couple thousand dollars... Now I've decided to switch from the user-end to the admin-end!

We currently offer 3 referral-based sites, and 1 DIY site. Most offers are 1/2 credit, with some exceptions. (we have 1, 2/3, 1/2, and 1/3 credits) There are about 90 offers in total to choose from.

Our payout per referral ranges from $33 to $46. Example 3 referrals is $100, and 13 referrals will get you $599.

Here are the sites,

Main page http//


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2 new offers have been added. They are both No-CC offers, and are 1/2 credit. They are 'Education Advancement' and 'Just Degrees'.

Also, if you want to complete them for money, head on over to! They payout $10 each!
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Thanks to everyone for the support! I hope to see you over at FMSfreebies!


24-05-2007 12:59:08

Signed up. Also, the descriptions don't pop-up on the Gadgets site...


24-05-2007 13:21:33

Credited your free greens. And hmm ok Ill check that out, thanks.


24-05-2007 14:32:15

is this site repeatable and do you need to green again after cash out? also can you use a ref for credit if you can repeat?


24-05-2007 15:06:28

Great promo! thanks!


24-05-2007 17:10:09

At this time I am not allowing people to complete the sites more than once. After the first month we do plan on opening a lot more sites (5+ more)

Also I would like to mention that you can get the paypal equivalent for any item on any site. Just send in a support ticket when you send your account in for approval.


24-05-2007 17:39:29

those were fast credits D thanks


24-05-2007 17:54:03

No problem contra. And yeah, ive credited everyone within minutes. (sometimes seconds!) I do have to sleep tonight though lol, so it might take a few hours to recieve your credits after 1030ish EST. I should be up nice and early tomorrow to make a few more credits (around 545)

Im trying to put as much time and effort into my network as possible. I really want FMSfreebies to be one of the elite!

Oh, one more thing. I will be purchasing some business cards. If you want to help me advertise, please send my a PM and I can give you some of the cards to hand to people. I'll try to make room so you can add your referral links in there!


11-06-2007 13:40:54

Just a quick update...

- I have recently been in contact with SearchCactus, and they are reviewing my application. Also, I am about to give HydraNetwork a call right now. This all means that if my applications get approved, there will be a ton of new offers soon! on that note...

- Blockbuster Free Trial has been added! This is a 100% free trial offer, credits instantly, and is worth 1/2 credit on all referral-based sites, and $17 on the DIY site!

- Also, there is a new promotion! (see below)

Bonus cash for the DIY site!

Complete x amount of offers, and at payout, earn yourself extra $$$!

5 offers - extra $10
7 offers - extra $15
10 offers - extra $25

li - each offer payout must be above $5. Any offer that pays less than $5 does not count towards the promo.

Also, you must submit a support ticket before you request your payment. Just tell me that you saw the promo on FiPG.


30-07-2007 12:20:11

Just a little update...

We have quite a few $1 trials now... and a ton of free, no cc offers that just require an email, or zip code. You can find those over at the Do-It-Yourself site.



30-07-2007 13:34:13

I signed up thank you


31-07-2007 11:41:10

Alright awesome, thanks.

I would also like to mention that we are moving from net-30 payments, to net-20. In the beginning, I was thinking about eventually making instant payments, but we all know instant payments are pretty much evil in this industry now.

So now at least payments will be a bit faster... 10 days faster!


31-07-2007 12:27:14

"but we all know instant payments are pretty much evil in this industry now."

Thanks for the kind words....


31-07-2007 14:17:03

lol im sorry! They're awesome, don't get me wrong. But im just saying... I know a few affiliate networks that will even cancel your accounts with them if you have instant payments. ( I read it over at the DigitalPoint forums. Affiliate networks figure that it promotes fraud...

But I guess I should have worded that better, my bad. lol.


07-08-2007 10:06:17


Four $1 trials have received a payout raise! Cruising4Cash, Driving4Dollars, Free Bidding, and ALL payout $15 on, and are all 1/2 credit on the referral-based sites instead of 1/3 credit!

Don't forget to start referring people to get your prizes! Remember, 3 referrals will get you $100! 5 referrals gets you $200! 7 referrals gets you $300! etc...

You, or your referrals, can now green with only $2, so get referring/completing offers! NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THIS! I can't promise it will be like this forever!

Not to mention, if you would like a free green still (have your offer completion waived) Just sign up and send in a support ticket!



11-08-2007 15:19:07

Looks like your sites are down


15-08-2007 12:31:40

Yes, for the time being. I was scammed in the process of selling my network, and I'm in the process of getting my network back up. Now I'm not even sure If I'm going to sell the network, and if I ever do I will absolutely be more safe next time.

If anyone sees a freebie network called '" emerge, DO NOT USE THEM. I managed to log in to my FSRevolution admin panel on the FSRevolution site, and thats what the scammer changed all the site names to. So WATCH OUT!

As for FMSfreebies, it should be up and running within the next day or two. I have to delete everything and start from scratch, then import the database back in. It'll take me a little while so please bear with me.


04-09-2007 14:28:29

Everything is back online. We have lots of 1/2 credit offers now. Check em out! Also, if you want a free green still, just send in a support ticket after signing up for any of the sites.



10-09-2007 13:26:16

BigBucks offers added! D They payout $1.50 each!


10-09-2007 14:03:31

Generous Ape = http//


10-09-2007 14:10:20

Thats not the actual guy. I've talked with that person before. he was the person who was going to help with his support. He said he was going to pay that guy $200 a week (If I remember correctly) Its too bad I was the one who had to break it to him that the guy was a scammer. (

Thanks for your concern though!


19-09-2007 14:34:47

Yeah, I'm NOT GenerousApe himself, I was hired on as a support rep before it came to light this guy was a scammer. He asked me under the guise of "Scott," a 19-year-old student at NYU. I've asked theysayjump to change my name to what it is on the other forums (TNR026) but no response so far. It'd be great if that could get modified ASAP b/c I do NOT want to be confused with this guy. I've heard some nasty shlit about him...apparently he is also "Abby" from the scam site GoGreen4Free, who was known to launch brute force worms through IM services.

He has already been banned on RS (s/n generousape), and a very detailed post about him is being released to site owners soon.

This jackass will probably be back soon, he seems to try a new scam every month or so, so stick to the proven legit sites and go eyes in the backs of your heads as far as shady deals are concerned... (


20-09-2007 18:27:01

Thanks for the explanation GAJon.

And btw... FMSfreebies is a legit site you should stick to btw. wink I've paid out $455 in the past few days. I would love to see a bit more activity at FMSfreebies. Things slowed down once I got into the whole mess with the GenerousApe guy "scott" or whatever his name is. But things are back to normal now!

I've added some new offers as of lately, and tried to make the site look a little nicer. You'll notice that the offers on the offers page look a lot better. I added a custom background for each one, so its not just the bland white background behind each offer pic/description. I think it looks pretty good myself. D

Oh, and I'm still willing to hand out some "free greens" to people who sign up un-referred! (Offer Requirements Waived! Just refer people!) Just send in a support ticket asking for a free green!


24-09-2007 10:21:53

Just saying "Thanks!" for all the help you've been with the problems I had with a referral, Gman. You're customer service has been wonderful! )


24-09-2007 12:19:54

No problem! D Thanks for being a great member Ilanne! 8)


25-09-2007 18:08:02

2 new offers have been added. They are both No-CC offers, and are 1/2 credit. They are 'Education Advancement' and 'Just Degrees'.

Also, if you want to complete them for money, head on over to! They payout $10 each!