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23-05-2007 23:47:03

Greetings, we have been running (points site) since February 2007 and have had tremendous success and consistently happy members. Over the past few months our members have been contacting us regarding the launch of a referral site, well itís finally here. is now fully operational and ready to serve you, with over 70 offers to choose from earning your free gift should be a breeze. Support is available 7 days a week and as our members of our points site already know, we take pride in our support and respond quickly with a full detailed response addressing every issue in question.

What is a new site without a promotion? Well here it is.
Any user who signs up and completes their required 1 credit by May 28th 2007 will earn an extra $15 free which will be added to their prize. For this promotion you do not need to have your referrals completed by May28th, only your required credit.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and good luck on earning your free prize.



24-05-2007 20:17:50

[befd568309f]FREE GREENS for Everyone![/befd568309f]
Each user who signs up at un-referred through May 28th will earn [befd568309f]1 free credit[/befd568309f], so your only task now is to referrer users and the prize you selected is yours!

This promotion is on top of the [befd568309f]$15 [/befd568309f]we are already adding to every order for users who sign up by May 28th.

So lets recap. [befd568309f]FREE GREEN + $15 = Satisfied User[/befd568309f] D

Don't worry about submitting a support ticket, we will take care of the promotion automatically for you.



24-05-2007 20:34:26

Free $15? I'm in. D

lisigning up nowli

/nevermind. No custom order. (


24-05-2007 22:30:09

Just let us know which prize you would be interested in and we will be more than happy to add the prize.


30-05-2007 00:01:40

Free GREEN extended through May 31st. Hurry, sign-up and get your free green then complete your referrals at your convenience. Custom prizes are always welcome, just let us know what interests you.


30-05-2007 14:30:17

Okay, so wait a second...can you add custom order? D


26-06-2007 21:19:26

Major work has been done to

Our payout is now $45/Referral!
We have added many offers bringing the total to over 90 great offers to choose from.

Until June 29th 2007, signup un-referred and we will waive the credit you need to complete so all you have to do is complete your referral requirements and the prize is yours.

Added Bonus - Any referrals you get who complete their 1 credit requirement by June 29th 2007 will earn you an extra $5.

For example, if you choose the $135 prize and all three of your referrals complete their requirements by June 29th then we will add an extra $15 to your prize.

Let us know if you have any questions