I need HELP, the site is coke cola heave HELP

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22-05-2007 20:28:12

I need help. I know i am pretty new to this stuff but i dont think what this company has done is right. I was working on a site called coke cola heaven. And they put me on hold because they said i did a offer on another site and the offer is auction plus. BUT I DID not do this offer on there site !!!! I did video professor on the coke site. And they said i frauded them by doing the offer on the other site and they cant tolerate fraud of any kind. I understand that but i did not do auction plus on there site so how can they put me on HOLD????? Am i missing something??? Can someone tell me what i did wrong??? cry cry


22-05-2007 21:19:39

The first thing would be that this should be in help, I think ... but that aside, the next question becomes Have you done Auction Plus multiple times, regardless the site or reason? If the answer is honestly yes (even if it was an accident), then they can put you on hold.

It is a terrible practice, if you didn't do that offer for them, but on the other hand, they can't have people who have formerly frauded other sites on theirs, know what I mean?

I hope you get it worked out, though. I'll admit I've never even heard of that site.


23-05-2007 06:39:39

the site might be coke.ordergiftsfree ) and i second all that moviemadnessman said