- Winner of this week ipod shuffle promo! May19

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19-05-2007 14:57:15

For this week, the game was Tetris! and the winner is Aenas3!

Congratulation, you win an ipod shuffle. There is the screenshot of this person

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This is the last week to participate in our contest and win the last ipod shuffle. The game of this week will be ASTEROIDS.

To play, Sign-up on ,complete one no-cc offer, and play the game.

The best score of the week will win an ipod shuffle. Position 2 and 3 will receive a free green unreferred.

For the Tetris game, marcycoleman win a free green!

Send your print screen of your score to

Have fun!



19-05-2007 19:01:37

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22-05-2007 07:38:42