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19-05-2007 09:47:25

NEW SITE STARTING TODAY!!![/sizefceaac8e0e]
With the recent success of our first site www.igottahaveit.net we have decided to take the first step in expanding the network by adding laptops.igottahaveit.net!!!! Plus we are going to throw in FREE GREENS!!! on this site for the rest of the month.

If your new to igottahaveit.net sign up on both sites and send in a support ticket to get your FREE GREEN.

Everybody under our first site, just transfer your account over and send me a support ticket and ill get you credit asap.
We hope you like the new site and look forward to hearing any comments!!!!

We have also changed our sites layout and style hope you like it!!!!


19-05-2007 20:30:27

Just signed up unreferred in both sites. They look great.


19-05-2007 22:00:37

Thx!! and i got your credit taken care of. D


20-05-2007 11:53:38

i sign up too


20-05-2007 18:35:22

Thanks for quick credits. D