Gaming Lagoon = Free Gaming System Accesories (Non CC)

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18-05-2007 08:32:55

Gaming Lagoon ( Has Been Around For A Few Month And Has Already Shipped Out Many Gifts, It's Your Typical Site With An Extremly Large Amount Of Non CC Offers As Well As CC Offers. I Myself have Not Done A Pay Offer, Done All Non CC Offers And So Far I Have Gotten

-1 Month xBox 360 Live Membership
-xBox Live 1600 Points
-xBox 360 Wireless Controller (2 Of Them)
-Xbox 360 64MB Memory Unit

There offers generally credit within 15 minutes, They usally approve within same day and ship same day or day after, All my tgifts have come priority, so has taken less then a week to do offers get approved and get my gift. They have Several Pages of Prizes Under the following catagories

-xBox 360
-Online Games
-Everything Else
-World of Warcraft
-Sony Playstion 2 and 3
-Nintendo DS
-Nintendo DS Lite
-Gameboy Advanced

Pm Me In Intrested, Will Give Karma For Sign Up