New site giving me extra credit

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13-05-2007 15:45:12

I got this email from the site I signed up at. Its a new site.

All offers are 1 credit, As of right now, all offers are worth $20 per refferal. It is low right now becouse I dont require you to do multiple offers to get 1 credit. 1 offer = 1 credit.
There is now a link to view the offers. Keep in mind, offers are being added and removed as promotions change. I will allways try to keep new offers on the site and offers that are not on other freee sites. Also being added is a cashout option. If you cant get all the greens, You can cash in the ones you have. Minimum is 3 greens.

For a limited time, sign up and get an automatic free credit
Must sign up on your own and be unreferred!


13-05-2007 19:07:37

What site is it ??


13-05-2007 21:39:21 and its $40 a referral.


13-05-2007 21:44:19

Thats one ugly site. shock


13-05-2007 22:04:53

Ya, they definately need to doctor it up.


13-05-2007 22:14:41

Looks like they fixed it a little from their original payouts, though ...


14-05-2007 03:53:46

wow. I can't even register. It says I haven't provided and email address or accepted the terms of service (which I have).

And it seriously needs a makeover.


15-05-2007 12:51:14

wow, thats crazy. I got paid though!!!


15-05-2007 13:14:02

[quote2e5e601f45="kidd2108"]Thats one ugly site. shock[/quote2e5e601f45]

I didn't want to say it.

But congrats on getting paid...the guy above me

But wow....if people want to sign up for a site that looks like that...alls I can say is wowww...


15-05-2007 13:27:30

Looks like an old version of windows ?