- Winner of this week ipod shuffle promo!

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12-05-2007 14:23:28

Hi everyone,

this is a curious week, because we have two person with the same score. Yessssss, the same score!!!! The score of both is 35,660!

But one of them have one referral for 1000 points bonus!

Congratulation to Dabbs![/sizee7be4a795e], she win an ipod shuffle or 80$ paypal!

Congrat to the other person, aenas3, She win a free green unreferred on one of our site.

I will annonce the next game for this week promo for another Ipod shuffle shortly.

Remember, the best score win an ipod shuffle, and position 2 and 3 will win a green on one of our site, unreferred.

Thank's for your participation


P.S There is the screenshot of the ipod winner

http//[" alt=""/imge7be4a795e]


13-05-2007 17:19:20

wow that sucks. didnt know refs gave u bonus points (
congrats to dabbs!