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K2F Owner

12-05-2007 10:48:18


[b725f02f977]Only 2 more spots to go! They are going fast!!
Key2Free is having another great promo! no it's not free greens, or even a raffle. The promo is the best you have heard in a few months!

[b725f02f977]Key2Free is doubling the first 5 orders this week on the paypal site!!!!!![/b725f02f977]

Thats right....if you are the first 5 to order your cash on the paypal site, It is doubled!!!

It begins today saturday the 12th till next saturday the 19th!
How wonderful is that? To have all your work DOUBLED!!! This week only

Once again, frauds are not counted. don't forget our other promo down on the bottom of this post. THESE PROMOS ARE NOT SEPARATE, WE CAN COMBINE THEM TOGETHER SO YOU CAN GET THE MAXIMUM REWARD!

for example, this week you order for $200, and your one of the first 5 to order and it is before may 15th (because contest below ends then) it is

$200 DOUBLED= $400 PLUS! another $100 for most completed referals = to the grand total of.......$500 for just 5 referals!!

Your order must be over or exactly 4 referals to qualify for the promo

for more information about promos and if you have any questions, you can contact me by aim which is k2fsupport or by calling our new voice mail which is 301-830-8508

Support tickets are always welcome!

more information of the other promo is at the bottom of the post

posting your earnings on another forum earn you some money also.

this is the older promo that is still running!

[quote725f02f977]The admins at Key2free thought that there needs to be a contest for all current members and also new users. There is a contest for the most referals, sign-ups, and the diy site. You need to post back here or open a support ticket to keep us updated on how many people you got. No contacts will not be included in the competition. So if we pick the winners and you contact us too late, it's is big fat oh well but thanks.

Contest ends may 15th
the results so far for the contest
Please contact me to post it here. As i've said you've got to contact me to be added.

COmpleted referals
1st place -$100 tied,
2nd -$50
3rd- 25

1st - $50
2nd -$25
3rd -$10

Most completed offers on diy
1st place for $25
2nd $10
3rd $5

Any account that has frauds will not be counted. Thank you and let the contest begin!


12-05-2007 14:03:38

Great promo ever. D

K2F Owner

12-05-2007 14:44:51

Thanks! Any ideas for a better promo please post them here and the admins of Key2Free will consider them.


12-05-2007 15:06:09

how fast do you pay again?

K2F Owner

12-05-2007 15:09:07

after the 15th possibly the 16th or 17th depending on my affiliate, we will be paying almost instantly. After you are approved it will take 1-2 days to pay you! That is for the paypal site. Prizes might take a week or so.


12-05-2007 15:19:12

so instant payments after the 15th? just wanna make sure

or is it once a month?

K2F Owner

12-05-2007 15:20:31

Yes, we are offering instant payments. I hope that convinces you to participate in the contest/ promo!!!


12-05-2007 15:58:32

yup it does D


12-05-2007 17:32:35 you have good crediting? first ref did offer and no cr yet (


13-05-2007 17:05:22

Can you please keep us updated on the amount of orders submitted?

K2F Owner

13-05-2007 17:23:39

1 order has been taken. 4 more spots to go!


13-05-2007 20:31:41

I'm loving this site!! The owner is so nice, and the promos are awesome!!! )

K2F Owner

14-05-2007 11:42:56

Last day for the contest but the doubling continues through to the 19th!!!!!!!!