[GiftOrb Network] May's Promotion! Check inside for details

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03-05-2007 22:51:24

Once again, this promotion will be 100% free. No offers will need to be completed in order to participate.

[b94e28d7d9c]The Rules [/b94e28d7d9c] The top 3 highest scoring players by the end of the Month will win a GiftOrb package!

Here is a link to the following game You must play this on HARD mode.

[b94e28d7d9c]HOW TO ENTER[/b94e28d7d9c]
If you scored high enough, the flash game will promt you to enter your name to keep track of the score. Use your [b94e28d7d9c]USER ID [/b94e28d7d9c]from any of our sites, or [b94e28d7d9c]Forum name.[/b94e28d7d9c] If you are using your forum name, make sure to include which forum you are from. Example GiftOrb-FiPG

Then it will ask you if you want your score to be put in a group. Type in the following to enter your score into the contest.

[b94e28d7d9c]Group Name GiftOrb[/b94e28d7d9c]

1st Place - Gift Orb + $30 via paypal
2nd Place - Gift Orb + $20 via paypal
3rd Place - Gift Orb + $10 via paypal

[b94e28d7d9c]BONUS[/b94e28d7d9c] If the top 3 places scores above MY SCORE, you will each get a $10 bonus.

[u94e28d7d9c]Description of the game [/u94e28d7d9c] This is a remake of the class Tower Defense game. You build different defensive towers to prevent the computer from sending their guys through to the other side. A full set of rules and instructions can be seen here

Update You may enter as many times as you want.


04-05-2007 09:55:04

How many times can you enter into the game? Is there a limit?


04-05-2007 11:55:12

[quotef565403587="AZabko"]How many times can you enter into the game? Is there a limit?[/quotef565403587]

I just updated the rules. You are allowed to enter as many times as you want.


04-05-2007 17:51:35

Finally, beat your score D !

I'm done for a while, however...



04-05-2007 18:31:10

I suck at this game (


04-05-2007 19:14:19

[quoteef7a6e2040="O4F-Manofice"]I suck at this game ([/quoteef7a6e2040]

You can view other people's "mazes" to learn strategy of what to build.

[quoteef7a6e2040="patrick_7412"]Finally, beat your score D !

I'm done for a while, however...


Don't worry, the month isn't over yet. =] I will get my revenge.


07-05-2007 09:03:41

Tip of the "whenever I feel like updating" By sending in the next group of mobs manually, you will get more bonus points. But be careful you don't send in more than you can kill! Bonus points are only added if you survive all 50 levels. Enjoy!