- May Promo: Win an Ipod Shuffle Each Week!

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02-05-2007 07:37:03

New promotion![/size2cad33497f]

For the month of May, we will draw 4 Ipod shuffle (or 80$ paypal)! All you have to do is log in, or register on[=http//]

Complete a no credit card offer, and play the game of the week. You can have access to this game only when you complete an offer. The player with the better score will win the Ipod Shuffle. The second and third place will win a free green on the site of his choice (unreferred).

When you think you have a great score, send a print screen of your account to You can send more then one print screen. (For some game, when you die, press the button fast, because your score will disapear). In the object of your message, please write your Username then your Score. (Make sure we can see your referral link on your print screen)

Exemple Carl - 24 789

We will pick a winner on each saturday of May (5, 12, 19, 26)

The game of this week is ASTEROIDS!! Press the Print Screen button fast when you die because you will lost your score for this game.

The Top 3 users of theApril promotion (win a nintendo wii) don't have to complete an offer! So, 1- egyptianruin, 2- twhitmore, 3- aeneas3 and 3- tpkenter (both at position 3), can start playing game now!

You only need to complete 1 offer for the month. You can complete only 1 offer, and get the chance to win 4 ipod shuffle and free greens!

Have fun!



03-05-2007 06:35:09

Only 2 days before we give an Ipod shuffle!


03-05-2007 08:26:50

wow that is set to a high difficulty.
also, the loading of high scores wont work (


03-05-2007 08:28:39

high difficulty?

And no the high scores didn't work, you have to send us a Print screen of your account with your score wink


03-05-2007 15:48:36

If you can't complete an offer, you can refer someone to replace your offer. And each person that you will refer(when you're offer is complete) will give you 1000 extra points for the Pacman game.


03-05-2007 17:04:24

so the high scores doesnt work. i wasnt sure if it was supposed to
gonna play some more )


04-05-2007 06:59:42

Score to beat 87530


05-05-2007 07:57:46

New high score 93 710


05-05-2007 15:23:07

what time do we have to have our scores in by for this week?
thanks )


05-05-2007 18:26:36

Congratulation to 3cuties4me the winner of this Week! With a score of 93710!

2- conniejo_80 with 40 320!

3- JY3 with 38250!

The new game for this week will be updated soon, and the winner will be contacted soon to.

Thank's for your participation!


05-05-2007 19:28:15

3rd, sweet )
That top score is impressive for sure


06-05-2007 06:06:16

There is the screenshot of the Winner

http//[" alt=""/imgfb4479d14a]

And there is one thing to not do, try to send me a photoshop picture with a higher score then everyone

[img="fb4479d14a]http//[" alt=""/imgfb4479d14a]

Like you can see on this picture, the fruit is an orange, and you can see this fruit only at level 3 and 4. Impossible to get all those points at this level. So from now, I will not say the higher score to prevent that.



06-05-2007 06:24:00

And there is the next gamee is Space Invaders!

For that game you can take your screenshot at the end when you die, you will not lose it.

Have fun, and send you're screenshot to



06-05-2007 16:14:36

these promos are fun.
got a free green for 3rd
now to play space invaders!


11-05-2007 13:17:51

still one day to send you're print screen and win a shuffle!


12-05-2007 09:59:42

4 hours left!


12-05-2007 14:52:49

The game of this week is TETRIS! I think it's a very great game. Enjoy it and make sure to send your Print screen in time! The deadline is Saturday 5 PM (Est time).

Have fun!



13-05-2007 17:18:23

who won last week )


13-05-2007 17:19:53

nevermind i see i lost by a bonus (
tetris rocks


14-05-2007 09:00:44

Yeah it's 1000 points by referral, good luck with tetris !


14-05-2007 17:51:27

take your chance !


16-05-2007 18:11:37



16-05-2007 20:02:02

lol i have not been able to come close to duplicating my score )


17-05-2007 13:18:12

Not the same game! lol

2 days left to send your proof picture!

The is a bug in the offers section, you can see all the offers like other site, but you have to do only one no-cc and can play!


17-05-2007 19:52:41

oh i meant the score i emailed u earlier in the week )


18-05-2007 07:01:27

lol ok I understand, you got one good score, and can't beat it


18-05-2007 16:21:56

Send your print screen to before Saturday 5 pm (Est time) for this week Ipod shuffle

There is some trick for the game

- Start at level 9
- Stay calm, don't push the button down
- Do some TETRIS

There is my print screen of my best score (The best score for this contest is lower)

http//[" alt=""/img01dd3c8bd2]



19-05-2007 12:55:39

1h left!


19-05-2007 14:06:54

hope my 40k holds up! that was hard to get


20-05-2007 14:10:10

Game of this week is ASTEROIDS!


22-05-2007 07:40:44

The winner took the money, you can see it in our galery



23-05-2007 13:30:38

3 days left


24-05-2007 09:43:09

2 days left!