Givafree Tryout: Episode 1 - The Nintendo Wii, Video Inside!

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02-05-2007 04:41:49

This is the first Givafree Tryout. Those video will present you the products that you can get for free on our websites. This episode is for the nintendo wii, and you can see who is the winner of the Nintendo Wii raffle for the month of April. This person can contact me or I will contact her later today.

You can see the list of all spots here http//

And watch the video here http//

Congratulation !

I will post the new promotion for the month of May later today. More winner to come!

Have a nice day



02-05-2007 05:00:12

hahaha, nice video

congrats #4


03-05-2007 06:34:24

Thank's for the nice comment! And congrat to Lorny35 !


03-05-2007 10:44:18

Woohoo. Thanks for the cash Carl. You rock!