Key2free is having a new promo/contest starting 4/29/07

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K2F Owner

29-04-2007 12:04:44

The admins at Key2free that there needs to be a contest for all current members and also new users. There is a contest for the most referals, sign-ups, and the diy site. You need to post back here or open a support ticket to keep us updated on how many people you got. No contacts will not be included in the competition. So if we pick the winners and you contact us too late, it's is big fat oh well but thanks.

if your interested in signing up and trying this visit

Contest ends may 15th

[b8ff73a0b77]COmpleted referals[/b8ff73a0b77]
1st place -[b8ff73a0b77]$100[/b8ff73a0b77]
2nd -$50
3rd- 25

1st - $50
2nd -$25
3rd -$10

Most completed offers on diy [/b8ff73a0b77]
1st place for $25
2nd $10
3rd $5

Any account that has frauds will not be counted. Thank you and let the contest begin!


29-04-2007 12:08:20

Great promotion. I am definitely going to try and get this.

7 Sign-Ups Total
2 Greens


29-04-2007 16:18:14

Here is an example

You get 4 referrals and 2 green you would be entered with

4 sign ups

2 completed referrals

Note this is for all sites added up.

This is so everyone knows how it works.

K2F Owner

30-04-2007 13:23:05

also i forgot. the winners will get paid 3 days after contest end.


02-05-2007 13:00:17

Mmm, sounds pretty cool. I'm in


02-05-2007 14:57:06

yup. t is and easy just have a few friends sign up. see if u can convince them to do offers if not u still get something for it

K2F Owner

05-05-2007 09:39:02

only 10 more days until contest is closed and cash is awarded!