FREE GREENS FOR NEW SIGN UPS!!!!! look inside for details

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28-04-2007 23:33:14

With the [/sizee82dd282e9]referral race going on we have decided to make it a little more interesting.

All unreferred signups will be given a FREE GREEN!!!! Just send in a support ticket and we will credit your account to cover the offer requirements. In addition to that you will still be given 15 pts towards our referral race for signing up. This is your chance to get ahead of the competition and win the 1st prize!!!!!! Free greens will end May 1st. And the official question of the day will start!!!!!!!


28-04-2007 23:34:56

The point of the free green is to eliminate the need to do an offer ... but it sounds like we would still have to do one.


29-04-2007 06:02:29

You will not have to finish a offer yourself for the free green just sign up and send in a support ticket!!


29-04-2007 06:47:44

Signed up. Thanks!


29-04-2007 12:05:43

Signed up too. Thank you.


29-04-2007 18:44:57

Ok, I've signed up. Thanks for correcting the rules of the promo )


29-04-2007 19:01:12

Great good to see so many people signing up!!


29-04-2007 19:21:14

[quote823a8b8792="mykel59"]Great good to see so many people signing up!![/quote823a8b8792]Free greens will do that to people )

As of this post, I am still waiting for credit, though.


29-04-2007 19:46:54



30-04-2007 10:36:25

Signed up. Thanks a lot!


30-04-2007 15:01:31

No problem

Hey theres still a while left to get your free greens they end tonight at midnight so Hurry before you miss out. And good luck to everyone in the referral race the question of the day starts tomorrow may 1st so watch for it!!!!


03-05-2007 22:44:14

GREENS are still going strong dont miss your chance!!


05-05-2007 07:49:19

5 days left!!!! Hurry and get your GREEN!!!