one year in operation promotion

Live forum:

22-04-2007 23:00:53

Hey, as we conclude our first year in operation we would like to announce a new promotion. Please visit our subforum for more information.

We are starting a new promotion which will run until May 15th. The promotion works as follows

If you are not already signed up, sign up to any of our sites and start referring people.

A "yellow" (A referral who has not completed the offer requirements) counts for 1 point.

A "green" (A referral who has completed all offer requirements) counts for 3 points.

I will be validating every referral so do not try to make a ton of fake accounts, it will not work. I will be very strict about this so be very careful with all your referrals.

Prizes depend on how many people participate but if everything goes well I will be rewarding top three people.

1st Prize Cash Prize + Offer Requirements Waived + Free Referral

2nd Prize Offer Requirements Waived + Free Referral

3rd Prize Free Referral

liliThese prizes are subject to change based on participation.

24-04-2007 05:56:06

if you are going to participate, please post in the subforum, thanks!