[GiftOrb Network] Winner Announced! New contest inside too!

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22-04-2007 19:17:26

This is how the following contest was decided. I got a couple of friends of mine, who all have NEVER been part of the freebie scene, to judge. I also removed all Forum Names from entries. These steps were taken to help make the process as unbiased as possible.

Coloring Contest
User Shaggz

Final Coloring Contest Challenge![/size9191a37bc6]

Objective Draw up any picture you want... just be creative. The theme is GiftOrb.
Example Drawing people holding a GiftOrb.

1) I will only allow people who are users in the GiftOrb network to enter this round. So please feel free to sign up to any of our sites if you arn't already a member. Please post your user ID or e-mail when you submit your entry.
2) NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED THIS ROUND[/size9191a37bc6]. USE YOUR PENS/MARKERS/Or whatever you have. Scan it and post. =]

Post entries in THIS thread.

Winner will get a GiftOrb.

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22-04-2007 19:19:06

So unfair. Mine was SOOOOO much better. cry