**GoldenFreebies** ~PROMO CONTEST~ $300 in prizes!!

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21-04-2007 12:37:11

After a very successful 1st half of April, we have decided to pay back our members with a great new promo!

This will be a contest to see who can get the most greens!![/color0a4b4cc8d6] [b0a4b4cc8d6]Also if you sign up unreferred you will recieve a full credit!![/b0a4b4cc8d6]
If you would like to participate in this promo send a support ticket with your email and I'll put you on the list.

1st Place ~~ $125[/color0a4b4cc8d6]
2nd Place ~~ $75[/color0a4b4cc8d6]
3rd Place ~~ $50[/color0a4b4cc8d6]
4th Place ~~ $30[/color0a4b4cc8d6]
5th Place ~~ $20[/color0a4b4cc8d6]

[u0a4b4cc8d6]Rules of the Promo[/u0a4b4cc8d6]

1. all prizes will be paid with paypal.
2. Referrals on both goldenfreebies and cars.goldenfreebies will count.
3. All referrals must be between [b0a4b4cc8d6]April 21st and June 15th[/b0a4b4cc8d6].
4. Only referrals that go green[/color0a4b4cc8d6] will be counted.
5. It does not matter when you sign up or order.