(New Network) Key2free.com Launches 4/20/07!!!

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K2F Owner

20-04-2007 14:11:49

New network from the former co-owner of LAMIF

[b0a4509af8f]With the demand so high i have decided to top this promo with a cherry. You can get 2 FREE Greens for any of the 3 referral sites or if you wish you can reduce the prize requirements of your gift by 1. This is not vaild for DIY but for Paypal, Giftcards, and Prizes. If you have already signed up you can get the other free green also. Open a support ticket with the title named as promo and in it you can tell us which promo you want. Dont miss out only 10 of these will be given out. Be sure to look for a next promo which will have a gift for the winner![/b0a4509af8f]

includes 4 brand new sites.


Sign up today! Talk to me on aim if you have any questions!
aim k2fsupport

limust sign up un-referedli[/b0a4509af8f]



20-04-2007 14:14:10

Any free greens to go with this new network? That's always a fun thing to have ... )

K2F Owner

20-04-2007 14:52:20

there is a promotion for first 10 members to join site under this promotion will get free greens


20-04-2007 15:31:06

registered to paypal D


20-04-2007 15:33:09

Nice promo!


20-04-2007 15:44:17

Also signed up for the paypal site ) And thanks for adding the promo )

K2F Owner

20-04-2007 15:48:47

Only 5 left get yours now!


20-04-2007 15:55:21

Are we allowed to get free credit on all the sites, or just 1 per user?

K2F Owner

20-04-2007 16:00:35

Right now I would say any 2 of the 3 referals site per user.The DIY site is not included. It could change if I feel the promotion needs more spark. I hope you have a great time earning your way towards $599!


20-04-2007 16:04:45

Indeed; I can understand and appreciate that )

K2F Owner

20-04-2007 16:40:58

4 more!


20-04-2007 17:37:28

Hi I signed up for the paypal site thank you.

K2F Owner

20-04-2007 17:52:26

[quote9ae847346d="darock76"]Hi I signed up for the paypal site thank you.[/quote9ae847346d]
Credited already. Thank you for signing up on my site. and also there are only 2 positions left for the free credit. Get it now while it is [b9ae847346d]Hot!![/b9ae847346d]


20-04-2007 18:51:51

Ok, just signed up. Hope i'm not too late.


20-04-2007 21:55:40

signed up, hope i made it..


21-04-2007 04:45:09

Your prizes and giftcard sites don't work.


21-04-2007 08:40:14

workign fine for me

K2F Owner

21-04-2007 09:27:15

there is an extention on free credits get it now before april 24th when the promotion will most likely end!!!!!


21-04-2007 12:13:34

Signed up for paypal #27 and prizes #28. Free offer credit on both please. Thanks!


21-04-2007 14:42:59

Thanks for the free credits. Interesting how you call people afterwards, but I gotta say I like it. All the best of luck with your new network.

Also, can you get paypal equivalent on your sites?


21-04-2007 17:14:16

I've been having problems with the sites too for days now; I can get to key2free.com but not any of the actual prize sites.

K2F Owner

21-04-2007 17:57:41

I don't knoow why some people can not access my sites. I will look into for you guys. Sorry for the inconvience. And also thank you for the feedback about the confirmation call. It's very useful to have all this info


21-04-2007 18:12:38

Is this US only? Select a Country doesn't have any entries in the table.


21-04-2007 18:17:47

Canada is good it should be there i personally added them


21-04-2007 19:32:17

Just signed up paypal site #34, prize #35.


21-04-2007 21:38:04

[quote78c72e07ad="sad101"]Canada is good it should be there i personally added them[/quote78c72e07ad]

Not there. I click to get the drop down list, and the only thing in the list is "Select a Country".


22-04-2007 08:28:32

Its there for me what user ID are you i can change it for you.

K2F Owner

22-04-2007 12:27:07

I fixed it. Let me know if there is any other problems. THanks for signing up for my site!


22-04-2007 17:24:54

At first, referral links doesn't work, but run smooth now.
Thanks for free credits in both sites, paypal and prize.


22-04-2007 19:59:29

Friendly bump for the free greens.

K2F Owner

23-04-2007 17:37:56

[quote18a4790942="adamo"]At first, referral links doesn't work, but run smooth now.
Thanks for free credits in both sites, paypal and prize.[/quote18a4790942]

Your welcome. ! more day fro the free greens!


23-04-2007 17:58:31

Does this mean i could get the 360 wireless controller for free?


24-04-2007 10:34:26

[quotec0f37a6e0f="dupebag"]Does this mean i could get the 360 wireless controller for free?[/quotec0f37a6e0f]

Yes it does and a XBOX360 if your lucky


24-04-2007 14:08:34

[quote5cf1997399="dupebag"]Does this mean i could get the 360 wireless controller for free?[/quote5cf1997399]

no-- he is saying 2 free greens meaning 2 out of the 3 sites. so you can get a green on 2 of his sites free.

K2F Owner

26-04-2007 18:25:28

well promo is closed but look out for a great contest that come with prizes!