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16-04-2007 11:43:40

http//[" alt=""/img8f23d5da8a]

[b8f23d5da8a][size=188f23d5da8a]This is the official payment proof thread for [url=][][/url][/size8f23d5da8a][/b8f23d5da8a]

[list8f23d5da8a][color=blue8f23d5da8a]FREE $5 via Paypal if you post a screenshot of your payment![/color8f23d5da8a]
[u8f23d5da8a]How to get your FREE $5 via Paypal[/u8f23d5da8a]
1. Post a screenshot of your Paypal payment in this thread
2. Include your [b8f23d5da8a]User ID[/b8f23d5da8a] number in your post (the number at the end of your referral link - EX[b8f23d5da8a]123[/b8f23d5da8a]) <-- That number!
3. I will review your post and send the $5 via Paypal A.S.A.P. (Users may only receive one FREE $5 payment for posting a screenshot)[/listu8f23d5da8a]
[color=red8f23d5da8a]liMust be a picture(screenshot) from your computer. You can get it by pressing the Prt Scr button on your keyboard and then pasting it into paint.[/color8f23d5da8a]

[u8f23d5da8a][b8f23d5da8a]How to post a screenshot[/b8f23d5da8a][/u8f23d5da8a]
1. Press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard (top right of keyboard)
2. Open Microsoft Paint and paste the picture in there (then edit picture)
3. Use a host like or (upload photo)
4. Go back to forums and post the IMG file

[color=blue8f23d5da8a][size=188f23d5da8a][u8f23d5da8a]Most recent payout (Monday, September 10th= $25!)

Next payout is September 17th![/u8f23d5da8a][/size8f23d5da8a][/color8f23d5da8a]

[color=blue8f23d5da8a][size=188f23d5da8a]Total paid to date $17,100+[/size8f23d5da8a][/color8f23d5da8a]

[img="8f23d5da8a]http//[" alt=""/img8f23d5da8a]


16-04-2007 13:43:21

I got my payment today! Thanks! My User ID is 41.

http//[" alt=""/img851dfbe30e]


17-04-2007 05:52:12

Paid from HotCashPrizes!! ID is 229

[img31173eb4c1]http/" alt=""/"152/9813/[" alt=""/img31173eb4c1][=http//img="][img31173eb4c1]http/" alt=""/"152/9813/[" alt=""/img31173eb4c1]


17-04-2007 18:14:59

I have been paid by Hot Cash Prizes! My Referral Id is #35. I allready got my $5.00 from posting on another board! Thank you HCP !!

Here is proof that HotCashPrizes Pays!!! P

http//[" alt=""/imgc60256cc5e]


18-04-2007 13:58:40

Payment was made by hotcashprizes on Monday just like the site says. My User ID is 231. Thank you very much!!

[img02ca24818d]http/" alt=""/"67/4241/[" alt=""/img02ca24818d][=http//img="][img02ca24818d]http/" alt=""/"67/4241/[" alt=""/img02ca24818d]


18-04-2007 15:40:27

And I got paid last Monday the 16th too, as promised!

Thanks HCP! You guys rock!!! D

I am Referral# 110

http//[" alt=""/img477f4570e3]

20-04-2007 14:19:15

[bf83debac5b]All $5 screenshot payments have been sent out! Thanks for posting them and keep em' coming![/sizef83debac5b][/bf83debac5b][/colorf83debac5b]

[uf83debac5b]New offers added today[/uf83debac5b]
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[bf83debac5b]Next payout is this Monday! Get your orders in by Sunday night![/bf83debac5b]

23-04-2007 10:46:16

Monday April 23rd payments sent![/colore46c50337e][/sizee46c50337e]

Total paid $550
Total paid to date $5,850[/colore46c50337e]

http//[" alt=""/imge46c50337e]

27-04-2007 14:43:48

[b3a62fe5ea0][u3a62fe5ea0]Weekend Promotion Completed![/size3a62fe5ea0][/u3a62fe5ea0][/b3a62fe5ea0][/color3a62fe5ea0]

30-04-2007 16:42:24

Monday April 30th payments sent![/color3bfc0945ae][/size3bfc0945ae]

Total paid $985
Total paid to date $6,850+[/color3bfc0945ae]

http//[" alt=""/img3bfc0945ae]


30-04-2007 19:00:17

Another Great Pay Out By HotCashPrizes!! I am referral ID #35 )

http//[" alt=""/img3902312b85]


07-05-2007 12:42:58

Monday May 7th payments sent![/color31e9e0b0c4][/size31e9e0b0c4]

Total paid $1,030
Total paid to date $7,850+[/color31e9e0b0c4]

http//[" alt=""/img31e9e0b0c4]


08-05-2007 20:14:17

It seems that admin is so active here and most of members receive their price in a short time!

10-05-2007 20:46:09

Promotion ends this Sunday! Get your orders in![/color595e679cce][/size595e679cce]
LOTS of $1 trials and other GREAT offers brought back today! Check them out!

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If you have any questions please email(, submit a support ticket, or send an instant message through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM HCP Help) D

14-05-2007 12:00:05

Monday May 14th payments sent![/color5803f3b464][/size5803f3b464]

Total paid $1,405
Total paid to date $9,200+[/color5803f3b464]

http//[" alt=""/img5803f3b464]


14-05-2007 12:28:48

Payed again by HotCashPrizes!!! [b3b7ab14c1c] I am user #35 [/b3b7ab14c1c]lol

Just so you all know...HotCashPrizes Is The Best!!! [/color3b7ab14c1c]

http//[" alt=""/img3b7ab14c1c]


15-05-2007 15:21:20

i've submitted a credit request on the 5/11 and still no response ??

15-05-2007 16:01:40

I have to wait 7 days before I can submit a credit request to my affiliates. Please send in a support ticket from now on if you have any questions. This thread is for payment proof. Thanks

21-05-2007 12:33:07

Monday May 21st payments sent! Huge payout! 33 users paid![/color9187191736][/size9187191736]

Total paid $2,125
Total paid to date $11,300+[/color9187191736]

http//[" alt=""/img9187191736]

28-05-2007 18:29:28

Monday May 28th payments sent! Huge payout! 34 users paid![/color59940be1f3][/size59940be1f3]

Total paid $2,500
Total paid to date $13,800+[/color59940be1f3]

http//[" alt=""/img59940be1f3]


29-05-2007 04:26:10

Yay! Payment right in paypal! Thanks HCP. Ref ID 891

http/" alt=""/"259/15/hcplb8.jpg[" alt=""/img6e6189cd7f][=http//][img="6e6189cd7f]http/" alt=""/"259/15/hcplb8.jpg[" alt=""/img6e6189cd7f][/url]

04-06-2007 10:34:53

Monday June 4th payments sent! Huge payout! 23 users paid![/colorf8c6819726][/sizef8c6819726]

Total paid $1,275
Total paid to date $15,000+[/colorf8c6819726]

http//[" alt=""/imgf8c6819726]


04-06-2007 15:07:19

I received payment today as promised!!
Dear Christina just sent you money with PayPal. is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $25.00 USD

Transaction ID 4EB814120T3044848

Subject Payment Earn FREE $5 extra!


04-06-2007 15:08:29

Forgot to include ID ref=267

Dear Christina just sent you money with PayPal. is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $25.00 USD

Transaction ID 4EB814120T3044848

Subject Payment Earn FREE $5 extra!


08-06-2007 16:20:36

Payment Received! ID ref=267
http//[" alt=""/img44604a45f5]

11-06-2007 09:16:53

Monday June 11th payments sent![/color6c7c281958][/size6c7c281958]

Total paid $1,075
Total paid to date $16,000+[/color6c7c281958]

http//[" alt=""/img6c7c281958]

18-06-2007 10:00:55

Monday June 18th payments sent![/color4a1219fc86][/size4a1219fc86]

Total paid $175
Total paid to date $16,200+[/color4a1219fc86]

http//[" alt=""/img4a1219fc86]

02-07-2007 08:44:28

Payouts sent Monday, July 2nd= $75!

Next payout is July 9th![/size2febdf5671][/color2febdf5671]

Total paid to date $16,500+[/size2febdf5671][/color2febdf5671]

http//[" alt=""/img2febdf5671]

13-08-2007 11:15:26

Most recent payouts sent Monday, August 13th = $75![/size119219a369][/color119219a369]

Total paid to date $17,000+[/size119219a369][/color119219a369]

http//[" alt=""/img119219a369]


13-08-2007 20:04:38

offers are very difficult credit(

14-08-2007 15:16:38

If you are having problems receiving credit for an offer, make sure you clear your cookies before opening the offer and let all the pages load completely before closing the offer. Thanks

21-08-2007 11:28:58

[u747ca156c0]Most recent payout (Monday, August 20th= $25!)[/u747ca156c0][/size747ca156c0][/color747ca156c0]

Total paid to date $17,100+[/size747ca156c0][/color747ca156c0]

http//[" alt=""/img747ca156c0]


23-08-2007 09:42:21

my payout
http/" alt=""/img14.img="[" alt=""/img91e46e6ecf]
User ID1258

27-08-2007 15:20:34

[u144224e8f9]Most recent payout (Monday, August 27th= $25!)[/u144224e8f9][/size144224e8f9][/color144224e8f9]

Total paid to date $17,100+[/size144224e8f9][/color144224e8f9]

http//[" alt=""/img144224e8f9]

10-09-2007 11:34:59

[u00358cf755]Most recent payout (Monday, September 10th= $25!)[/u00358cf755][/size00358cf755][/color00358cf755]

Total paid to date $17,100+[/size00358cf755][/color00358cf755]

http//[" alt=""/img00358cf755]