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15-04-2007 16:22:08

We have just opened a brand new site aznfreephones.com

I have decided to launch a new promotion sign up UNREFERED to the my site I will give u FREE FULL CREDIT! (ending 04-20-07)
after you sign up you must open a support ticket with promotion code pho041607.
http//aznfreebies.com/images/phones_logo.gif[" alt=""/img77d05988c3][=http//aznfreephones.com][img="77d05988c3]http//aznfreebies.com/images/phones_logo.gif[" alt=""/img77d05988c3][/url]


15-04-2007 20:13:47



15-04-2007 20:49:52

D signed up


15-04-2007 22:56:45

welcome condra


16-04-2007 03:58:02

So a question for anyone ... why does pisi's name have the "scammer 'pods" as I will call them, and also the phrases "Do Not Trust Me" and "Hates America"? I'm just curious to find out how this can about, since I can't find any information about this.

That said, I also signed up for the promo.


16-04-2007 08:48:15

by myself, I don't know why.


17-04-2007 20:23:53



17-04-2007 20:40:31

hey how fast do you approve and ship? do you pay with paypal fees? anyone did the site, how's crediting? D


17-04-2007 20:46:44

well, I think somebody here knew. AznFreeStuff is my first site.
approve and ship within a day. I have over 550 members now

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